For families

Welcome to Reykjavík City museum. Five unique places that take you beyond the shore and below the ground. Five museum experiences that cover the Settlement to the contemporary moment. Five fun and engaging ways to enjoy Reykjavík's exciting cultural heritage.

Árbær Open Air Museum 

Reykjavík's open air museum, where you can stroll through the past and experience the way Icelanders lived. The museum is very family friendly. You can encounter costumed guides, grazing animals and traditional crafts.  

We recommend: Toy Exhibition: Come and play!

The exhibition focuses on children's culture, toys and games in the last century. It is housed in a former church and sports hall called Landakot. The exhibition is interactive and it suits children in all age groups. Open at the same time as the museum.


Börn að leik á Árbæjarsafni
Árbær Open Air museum

The Settlement Exhibition 

Family friendly, including a children's activity area, this multimedia exhibition uses creative technology to immerse you in the Viking age. Audio-guides are available, in Icelandic, English, French, German and Norwegian.

Fjölskylduhorn Landnámssýningarinnar
The Settlement Exhibition

Museum of Photography

The museum holds about dozen exhibitions each year with both historical and contemporary photography in artistic- social- and cultural context.  The main focus is on Icelandic photography, works from Collection and works of foreign photographers.  

Maritime Museum

An exploration for families of the Fish & Folk exhibition

Families, visiting the museum with kids, can grab an exploration board with some easy puzzles to solve together while enjoying the exhibition. The exhibition is intended to entertain and educate. It has a range of interactive screens and games that encourage participation. The exploration for families suits school-age children (6 to 12 years).

Coast guard vessel Óðinn

Guided tours every day to the former Cod War vessel Óðinn. We offer three guided tours daily on board the ship at 13:00, 14:00 & 15:00. The guide will walk with visitors through the ship and tell about its history and life on board, and the important role it had as a former Coast Guard Vessel. The guided tour takes about 40-60 minutes.


Viðey Island

Family friendly Viðey Island

Come and enjoy the beautiful nature of Viðey Island and refreshments and Viðey House. Viðey Island is a hidden gem, just a short ferry ride from Reykjavík with its rich history and birdlife, beautiful vegetation and spectacular geology. The Island is home to art work like the mysterious stones on the west Island, the Imagnie Peace tower and art called Milestones. 


Please show consi­deration for the birds on the island: keep to the mar­ked foot­p­aths and do not dist­urb nests or nest­ing birds.
Please take care when walk­ing along the cliffs.