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About Reykjavik City Museum

Mission, role and objectives


It is the mission of Reykjavík City Museum to maintain strong and demonstrable ties with the community, to be reliable, informative, and accessible, to encourage guest participation, and to provide attentive service to all visitors. 
The museum will demonstrate professionalism in its collection, cataloguing, and preservation of cultural artefacts, will share the diverse history of the city in an engaging manner and inspire people to reflect, be creative, and have fun. 
The Reykjavík City Museum’s activities will be dynamic, trustworthy, purposeful, and clear. 


The Reykjavík City Museum operates in accordance with Icelandic laws regarding museum activities and cultural artefacts, as well as the regulations and Code of Ethics set forth by the International Council of Museums. The museum supports the preservation of cultural artefacts in Reykjavík in such a way that both residents and visitors have the best access to the cultural heritage of the city. 

The museum cohort includes the Árbær Open Air Museum, The Settlement Exhibition, the Reykjavík Museum of Photography, the Maritime Museum, and Viðey Island. It also oversees different kinds of activities, such as history walks, publications, and cultural landmarking in the municipal area. 

The role of the museum is to collect, document, preserve, and study cultural artefacts which are representative of the city’s cultural heritage and to share Reykjavík’s history and culture from the time of the settlement to the present day. The museum attends to heritage preservation in Reykjavík and also maintains registers of archaeological finds and historical houses and buildings in the city. The museum undertakes its exhibitions, educational programs, and publications in accordance with its budget and schedule each year.


•    To ensure continuity among all sectors of the museum: collection, research, preservation, exhibition, and education
•    To research and represent Reykjavík’s complex history, culture, and the day-to-day lives of its people
•    To allow disparate voices to be heard
•    To ensure that high profile visitor groups are well served, in addition to attracting other groups to the museum by more directly-targeted means
•    To engender discourse and promote critical thinking 
•    To be a site for creative work
•    To be hospitable and provide professional service
•    To be open to collaborations with other museums, associations, and individuals





110 Reykjavík

Sími: (+354) 411 6300




1.september - 30.maí

Leiðsögn alla daga kl. 13:00.

Þess fyrir utan eru safnhúsin lokuð. Tekið á móti hópum eftir samkomulagi.

1.júní - 31.ágúst

Opið frá kl. 10:00 - 17:00




1400 ISK


800 ISK

Börn til 18 ára


Eldri borgarar 70+




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