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Catering & Private Events

THE CAFE IS CLOSED UNTIL JUNE 1st because of renovation work

The Maritime Museum is an ideal venue for meetings, receptions and all kinds of celebrations.

Betri stofan
Betri stofan

Here is a list of different rooms and their rental cost:

  • Betri stofan is a 230 m2 hall with a great view over the harbour and a good sound system. Rental fee for up to 4 hours is 75,000 ISK + cost for catering. Every hour after that costs: 11,000 ISK.
  • Betri stofan + the museum entrance & Bryggjusalur: Rental fee for up to 4 hours is 130,000 ISK. Every hour after that costs: 20,000 ISK. 
  • Hornsílið is a 80m2 hall on the 2nd floor ideal for lectures and meetings. Facilities: Projector, writing board and Wi-Fi. Accommodates 60-80 pax in a cinema line-up. Rental fee during museum opening hours is 33,000 ISK for up to 4 hours, and 58,000 ISK for up to 8 hours. The rental fee for the hall Hornsílið is higher outside museum opening hours.

Catering and cost for museum staff is not included in the rent. The entrance is only let out after 17:00 (5 pm) when the museum closes.

Customers are required to buy catering services from Kokkurinn - Catering Service. 

Kokkurinn - Catering Service

Kokkurinn (The Cook) is a privately owned company with vast experience in catering at both large and small parties and banquets. Kokkurinn also runs the Museum Café.

  • Annual party
  • Christmas buffet
  • Steak buffet
  • Danish buffet
  • Brunch buffet
  • Wedding party
  • Sushi & tapas buffet
  • Birthday party
  • Cocktail party
  • Presentations
  • Sushi Course
  • All kinds of theme parties

Bookings & information:

maritimemuseum@reykjavik.is or snorri@kokkurinn.is
Tel: +354 411 6344 or +354 862 9010


Víkin Museum Café

The Museum Café Víkin is located on the first floor in the museum with an outstanding view over the harbour. Just outside the Café is a terrace where guests can sit (weather permitting) and enjoy their meal and the fresh air coming from the sea.

Víkin offers first class fish courses during lunch hours and one of the best fish soups in the capital as well as home baked cakes and newly brewed coffee.

The Café has same opening hours as the museum.

Sjóminjasafnið - Víkin



Reykjavík Maritime Museum

Grandagarður 8

101 Reykjavík

Tel: (+354) 411 6300


Opening hours

Opening hours

The Museum is closed from Dec 2017- Feb 16, 2018

Due to renovations and exhibition changes.

Christmas & New Years





1,650 ISK


Free admission

67 years+ and disabled

Free admission

Guided tour in Óðinn

1,300 ISK

Museum + Óðinn

2,600 ISK

Students with student card

Museum 1,100 ISK, Óðinn 1,100 ISK, combo ticket 2,200 ISK

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