The Settlement Exhibition - Step into the Viking Age

An open excavation where Viking ruins meet digital technology.

Tvær stúlkur á Landnámssýningunni
Two girls at The Settlement Exhibition

Just below ground in downtown Reykjavík, this open excavation uncovers the city’s Viking Age history.

Discovered during building work in 2001, these archaeological remains turned out to be the earliest evidence of human settlement in the city, with some dating to before AD 871±2. Careful excavation revealed a 10th century hall or longhouse, which is now preserved in its original location as the focal point of the exhibition.

Interactive technology immerses you in the world of the Reykjavík farm at the time of the first settlers, including how Viking Age buildings were constructed and what life was like in the hall.

Rústir landnámsskála frá 9. öld.
The ruins of a 10th century hall or longhouse in situ.

Guided tours

June - August, guided tours in English on weekdays at 11:00. Audio-guides are available free of charge, in Icelandic, English, French, German and Norwegian.

Guided tours in foreign languages for groups are available by appointment please send your request to

Skólahópur á Landnámssýningunni
Guided tour with young students

Family and children’s area

This multimedia exhibition is family-friendly and includes a children’s activity area.

Play is essential for children, whether they be modern children or those living a thousand years ago. Our family and children’s area offers a variety of fun games and toys based on those used during Iceland’s age of settlement. One can also learn many interesting facts about life in the Viking-Age.

The Settlement Exhibition houses an open excavation of Viking Age ruins as well as a programme of temporary exhibitions on Settlement culture and history. The museum shop offers a range of Icelandic design gifts and souvenirs.

Fjölskylduhorn Landnámssýningarinnar
The Settlement Exhibition Family Area
Á Landnámssýningunni / At The Settlement Exhibition