COVID-19 service update: Tighter restrictions in effect from 31st July.

04.08.2020 X

Opening times at all five sites of the Reykjavík City Museum will remain unchanged. There will be no guided tours while the 2-meter rule is in effect. Scheduled events during this period may also be affected. The museum will ensure that hand sanitizer is available for visitors and staff in and around all high-touch areas: by entrances, reception desks and where interactive screens and devices are located. Enhanced routine cleaning regimes will be implemented with signage and clear markings emphasizing personal hygiene measures and individual responsibility. The museum also ensures that the assembly limit of no more than 100 people is respected.

The following service changes will be in effect at the Reykjavík City Museum from 31st July and while the 2-meters rule is in effect.

The Árbær Open Air Museum: Daily guided tours will be cancelled. The exhibition “Come and Play” will be closed. 

The Settlement Exhibition: Daily guided tours will be cancelled. The family and children’s area will be closed. The outdoor game's event for children on Saturday 1st August will go ahead mainly unchanged.  

The Museum of Photography: The museum is open on usual opening hours.

The Maritime Museum: Guided tours of the Óðinn Coast Guard Vessel are cancelled. Other services remain unchanged. 

Viðey Island: In line with the tighter government measures emphasizing safety and personal hygiene in places where it’s difficult to maintain the 2-metre social distancing rule, ferry passengers are advised to wear face masks, covering both the nose and mouth. Viðey House follows the COVID-19 regulations that apply for restaurants. No changes to either the ferry schedule or Viðey’s programme of events are anticipated at this time. 

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