Hansenshús/Smiðshús 01.06.2012 til 01.05.2013

Talkin’ ‘bout Our Generation

This exhibition, which focuses on the daily lives of young people studying in high school, is based upon interviews with people aged 18 to 22.

Lög unga fólksins

The objective was to gain insight into the lives of these young people in the amorphous borderland between adolescence and adulthood. The project explored their interests, employment, social life and family ties, and their view of the future.

The interviewees’ own words form the framework of the exhibition, with the intention that visitors may pause and take a look at their own time through young eyes.

The exhibition provides an opportunity to learn about the mindset of young people and the manifold aspects of their life, and their own ideas of themselves and their time.

The exhibition is an interpretation by students, based upon the interviews, told from their viewpoint and also reflecting their own ideas about this period of life.

The exhibition is the final project in the course Menningarminjar, söfn og sýningar (Cultural Heritage, Museums and Exhibitions) on the Applied Studies in Culture and Communication programme at the University of Iceland, in collaboration with Reykjavík City Museum.