The Settlement Exhibition & Reykjavík ... the story continues

Two exhibitions about the history of Reykjavík. The admission ticket is valid for both exhibitions.


The Settlement Exhibition – step into the Viking Age

An open excavation where Viking ruins meet digital technology. Discovered during building work, these remnants of the past are the earliest evidence of human settlement in the city.


Reykjavík … the story continues

Family-friendly and informative exhibition about the development of Reykjavík from a farm to a city. Visitors get an insight into the complex history of Reykjavík through the development of house construction and planning.

In the summer and December, guided tours are offered in English at 11:00 every weekday.

Audio guides are available in Icelandic, English, French, German and Norwegian. Guided tours can be specially ordered for groups.

To book, please call us at +354 411 6370 or email us at: landnam@reykjavik.is.

Mynd frá Reykjavík ...sagan heldur áfram / Photo from Reykjavík ... the story continues
Model of Reykjavík in the olden days