Imagine Peace Tour

The Imagine Peace Tour is a gui­ded even­ing tour dedica­ted to Yoko Ono’s Imagine Peace Tower and Lennon’s and Ono’s cont­inu­ing campaign for world peace.

Enjoy an evening dedicated to Yoko Ono and John Lennon’s continuing campaign for world peace. The tour unites history, art and nature and is set on the beautiful island of Viðey, mere minutes from Reykjavík by boat.

Approx. 2 hours. 
Daily departures:
10 Oct-8 Dec at 20:00 
Extra departures:
21, 22, 27, 28 & 30 Dec at 18:00
31 Dec at 16:00
18 Feb at 20:00
20-26 Mar at 21:00

The meeting place is the Elding's ticket office by the Old Harbour in downtown Reykjavík, where you will exchange your pre-paid voucher for boarding tickets. A few steps down the pier, you will board the ferry that takes you to the serene island of Viðey. On this two-hour guided walking tour, you will learn all about the Imagine Peace Tower, the island's important trading history, artwork and nature. The Reykjavík skyline and its surrounding area are not to be missed, and if lucky, you might even get a chance to see the northern lights appear overhead!

The tower is illuminated one hour after sunset until midnight from 9 October until 8 December (John Lennon's birthday and day of demise). From Winter Solstice, the beam can be seen lighting up the night sky into the morning of a New Year and Yoko Ono's birthday and in the week of Spring Equinox. The ever-changing weather conditions on the island impact the tower's strength, intensity, and brilliance.

Yoko Ono chose Iceland to host the monument as it does not have an army and is considered one of the most peaceful countries in the world. The country's use of geothermal energy plays a big part, as sustainable resources power the tower.

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Friðarsúlan í Viðey
Imagine Peace Tower
Viðey Ferry