Banquets & Weddings

Viðeyjarkirkja og Viðeyjarstofa

Just a few minu­tes sail­ing from Reykjavík city, Viðey Island provi­des an unfor­getta­ble coastal sett­ing for banqu­ets and wedd­ings, con­f­erences, meet­ings and exhi­biti­ons, incenti­ves and unfor­getta­ble group events.


Viðeyjarstofa houses a contemporary restaurant and café run by Gallery Restaurant. It has an open loft with seating for up to 130 guests and three smaller rooms on the ground floor with seating for 15 to 25 guests each. Other facilities on the island include Viðeyjarnaust, the Old School House and the Water Reservoir.

In Viðey House, we have the capacity to receive up to 170 guests. This splendid old mansion is rich in history and famous for the social gat­her­ings held there since the 18th cent­ury. Its inter­ior fitt­ings are well-suited for every type of occasion, from casual to eleg­ant gatherings, aut­hentic to modern functions and vari­ous themed events.


Viðey Island is an ideal venue for small and intimate wedd­ings. You can be assured of a unique experience and if desired you could even have the whole island to yourselves.

Whether the ceremony takes place in the cosy 18th cent­ury church, outside in the beautiful natural surroundings, by the magnificent Imagine Peace Tower or onboard a boat, the island’s fant­astic energy will inspire an unfor­getta­ble wedd­ing day. The rent for the church is 26,000 ISK. To book the church please send an e-mail to


The wedd­ing party

Viðeyjarstofa is an ideal venue for the wedd­ing party, right next door to the church and its beautiful view over­look­ing Reykjavík city.

Other venues available for your party include Viðeyjarnaust and Hafsúlan boat, both ideal and unique venues for your memorable day.

Inni í Viðeyjarstofu
Salur á lofti Viðeyjarstofu