Exhibition Policy

The Reykjavík City Museum Exhibition Committee makes proposals for the museum exhibition schedule two years in advance and submits it to the Museum Director for approval.

The Reykjavík City Museum exhibitions aim to promote historical awareness, understanding, and open-mindedness. Through its ambitious exhibitions, the museum endeavours to awaken guests’ interest and curiosity and introduce them to the beauty and diversity inherent in the museum collection. The museum is a site for disparate voices and perspectives, for creative discourse, and critical thinking. Its exhibitions should be undertaken in collaboration with a variety of different community groups and appeal to both domestic and foreign guests.  


  • To give guests an insight into the complex history and culture of Reykjavík with a variety of exhibition options
  • To collaborate on exhibitions with individuals, artists, companies, and associations, as well as educational and cultural institutions in Iceland and abroad
  • To ensure that all exhibitions are accessible to everyone, in accordance with the museum’s Mission Statement
  • To develop high-quality exhibitions based on trustworthy research and ensure that they utilize eco-friendly designs and materials
  • To additionally ensure the flexibility of exhibitions, so that they, or at least their individual components, can be interchanged or reused
  • To make information about past, present, and forthcoming exhibitions easily accessible on the museum website 

Directions for sending exhibition proposals

Exhibitions at Árbær Open Air Museum

The Settlement Exhibition

Exhibitions at Reykjavík Museum of Photography

Exhibitions at Reykjavík Maritime Museum

Artwork on Viðey Island