SKOTIÐ 28.01.2017 til 21.03.2017

The Maiden / The Farm Boy's Dream

Vigdís Heiðrún Viggósdóttir

Heimasætan / Sveitapiltsins draumur

Stories of love and lovelessness

"In the spring of 2015, I went to stay at the Bær Art Center in Höfðaströnd, Skagafjörður (North Iceland) with seven other women, where over the course of a week I attended workshops led by Elizabeth Opalenik in photography and creative arts. One of the projects was to explore and photograph an old abandoned farm. We were given permission to explore the old Miðhús farm where we found hidden stories in every nook and cranny reflecting the world of the people who once lived there: from this imaginary existence, these two stories were born. Each series features six individual images with every image containing a short six-word story telling the tale of a moment. These moments are like pearls strung together in a story of life. " - VHV

The Maiden

The Maiden series is a bitter-sweet love story from the countryside. The history of past, present and future. Romance takes power but it needs to be downplayed. The feelings simmering beneath the surface must not be amplified. Love blossoms, but the inner struggle and conflict characterises life, and a showdown takes place.

A way of acceptance squeezes itself in. They meet, and the sweetness of communion flows. At the same time the silence is deafening and the hiding games tedious, lovers must conceal their love because society does not approve of their relationship. Sooner or later the web of lies unravels and the truth sets them free. It poses the question of whether love can withstand freedom and take flight, or will it be brought down in a stormy chain of events.

The Farm Boy's Dream

The Farm Boy’s Dream series is a story of lovelessness, both old and new, and about how the attitude of society can hold an individual in its shackles of prejudice and prevent him from thriving and living in accordance with his sexual orientation.

A gay individual has a fierce internal struggle, he seeks ways to process his negative emotions and prejudices which are based on the reflection of society. He deals with low self-esteem and self-destruction. So the question is, will he survive, be able to enjoy life and allow himself to love, or will he continue to dig his own grave and live his life as a puppet? Lives are at stake. Let go of prejudices. Love is for all.

Key themes

Persecution and oppression leave deep and lasting scars on victims in addition to having a major impact on the welfare and happiness of those affected. We should, therefore, be good to each other and celebrate our diversity.

The last exhibition day  is 21 March 2017

About the photographer

Vigdis Heiðrún Viggósdóttir (1960) was born and raised in Skagaströnd, but now lives in Grindavík. She graduated from the School of Photography in 2014. Vigdís loves to explore the human psyche and particularly enjoys peering into all the dark corners of human emotions. She tries to capture, metaphorically, the complexity of man's emotional spectrum. Her work has been exhibited in public and private spaces:

Með eigin augum (One's Own Eyes): Exhibited 2012 in Reykjavík, Reykjanesbær, Grindavík and Skagastönd.

Samruni (Convergence): Exhibited in 2013 Duus Museum in Reykjanesbær, also in Grindavík, Skagaströnd and Selfoss.

Skepna (Beast): Exhibited in 2014 in public spaces in Reykjavík, Reykjanesbæ, Hotel Northern Light Inn, Grindavík and Skagaströnd.

Heimasætan (The Maiden): Exhibited in 2015 in Reykjanes Art Museum, public spaces in Grindavík and Skagaströnd.

Sveitapiltsins draumur (The Farm Boy´s Dream): Exhibited 2016 in Reykjanes Art Museum.
Leyst úr læðingu (Unleashed): Exhibited 2016 in public spaces in Reykjanesbær, Blönduós og Skagaströnd.